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Yamaha Music Point Mallorca Cursos Piano.


Music in your hands

Yamaha Music Point Mallorca Cursos Canto.


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Yamaha Music Point Mallorca Cursos guitarra.


Became a guitar hero

Yamaha Music Point Mallorca Cursos Batería.


Band’s engine

Children's courses

To develop their physical, emotional and intellectual capacity, are the main goals for Yamaha Music School, this is called timely education, letting, especially kids, develop all their talent and capacity to the maximum.


Group classes improve children’s music experience, students enjoy more effectively when they share the experience with others, helping each other allows them to develop their music talent and capabilities.


Starting from 3 years old, till 6 years old, parents will join the classroom with their children, and became an active part of the music lesson, parent and kids will hear, sing and play melodies and songs, this will improve the children’s desire of learning music, because it’s a sharing, with family and happy and fun activity.


Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 16:00 to 21:00; Saturday 10:00 to 13:00



Courses for teens

Yamaha Music School Mallorca offers the opportunity for you to play your choice of musical instrument from the very first lesson (drums, guitar, keyboard, bass and singing lessons) with the worldwide renowned Yamaha methodology, and modern repertories.


In very wide styles variety, rock, pop, soul, jazz and Latin, you will learn to play these styles in order to play in a band or as a solo artist.


The guitar encounters method is specially designed for kids, teens and adults who wanted to play the electric guitar and acoustic as well.


Yamaha popular music course (P.M.C.) designed for all ages, will be the method to learn the drums, in a relaxed and fun environment, students will have an stimulating method that will improve their talent.


Always having a musical accompaniment, this will let the student develop their band playing sense, making each lesson a very fun and instructive experience.


Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 16:00 to 21:00; Saturday 10:00 to 13:00



Adult courses

From 18 years old, even if you don’t have any music background, this course is designed to develop your music passion, those who tried to play music, but didn’t have the time, or, didn’t like the methodology, they will find Yamaha method a fun way to pick up an instrument again.


Along with your teacher and classmates, every lesson will be a nice and fun experience, you will learn step by step how to walk your own musical path.


Our goal: Is to teach you how to play your instrument in a fun and easy way.


Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 16:00 to 21:00; Saturday 10:00 to 13:00





Yamaha Music Point Mallorca Piano.

The main musical instrument for the Yamaha learning system, from 3 years old, kids will develop their musicality with the keyboard, they will also develop step by step keyboard technique, performance and creativity.


Along with teacher’s guidance, student can learn the level that they want to achieve, but, especially we will stimulate their creativity, no matter what technique level you have, we want you to be able to create and write your own compositions.


Yamaha Music Point Mallorca Canto

You will learn how to breathe, project and master your voice, just like any music instrument. Pitch, vocal technique and body position are 3 of main goals we will work along with reading, performance, improvisation and modern styles. Using the Alexander technique in order to achieve a high voice and body relaxation.


Your vocal coach will guide you in your music style search, based on your vocal range, because your voice is a musical instrument, you will learn how to use it, and, how to take care of it.


Yamaha Music Point Mallorca Guitarra.

Using the exclusive Yamaha “guitar encounters” method, our students will start with the definitive modern guitar method, learning repertoire, technique, riffs, solo, reading, ear training, etc, making each lesson a complete musical experience.


Yamaha Music Point Mallorca Batería.

Learning the skills of a good drummer, has never been so easy and fun, our main goal is to encourage our student’s to play in a band scenario as soon they begin the lessons.


Along with the software designed for this course, students and teacher’s, will interact with different songs and drum styles grooves.