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Yamaha Music Point Mallorca Niños y adolescentes
New courses for kids and teens 817 465 admin

New courses for kids and teens

Starting on September we will have registration open for kids and teens, for private or group lessons.


You can learn with us:

– Keyboard

– Guitar

– Drums

– Singing


We will have also music production and DJ lessons.


For kids from 3 till 6 years old we recommend the Keyboard lessons, they will have their first music introduction with the music and movement lessons.


We have the guitar encounters method for those who want to learn guitar, we recommend to start at the age of 8.


For drums we have the worldwide known PMC Yamaha course (popular music course) we recommend to start from 6 years old.

Yamaha Music Point Mallorca Inauguración.
Yamaha Music Point Mallorca opening party 817 465 admin

Yamaha Music Point Mallorca opening party

Havent you heard? On September 30th 2016, between 17:00 to 20:30, it’s Inauguration Day for Yamaha Music Point Mallorca.


During this time schedule, you can come and join our staff, who will gladly show you our facilities.


In your visit we will gladly tell you about the Yamaha methodology, have a look at the classrooms and get all the information you need to know about us.


We also want you to discover our school, where all your music needs can become real, due to a qualify education, write your own songs and even record your first CD!