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Our methodology is based in 5 basic concepts


1: Listening: in our early years we have the capability to record everything that surround us, our students will “record” the sounds of music through melodies, songs and chords


2: Singing: the best way to achieve this is to sing out what our ears have already heard.


3: Playing: once we have heard and sang, it’s time to play it, in our choice instrument, and thanks to the previous stages, we will play more confident and intuitively.


4: Reading: music is a language, and every language has its symbology, music theory and language is taught as well, but once our students have previously heard, sang and played the lesson.


5: Creativity: song writing is one of the main goals in the Yamaha music teaching system, that’s why we will encourage our student’s to create and write their own melodies and lyrics, they will learn this in little steps.

Last generation equipment


Here at Yamaha Music School Mallorca we have invested lot’s of time to achieve all the technical requirements, to have the best equipped facilities, and to follow all the norms in acoustics according to the law.  Because we are situated in Palma downtown, all the soundproofing has been made by professionals.


We’re proud to confirm that all our instruments, and energy consumption is highly ecological and we do recycle.

Grow, learn, share and enjoy

We want you to be part of our 20 years experience along with Yamaha!

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Director, vocals, production & coaching teacher.

Jaime Gordiola

Born in Mallorca, made his music grade at Sant Josep Obrer College, private music and singing lessons with Fanny Mari, cello masterclass with Luis Correa (O.S.B.) music education in Alberta Jimenez academy and performance education in music theatre (Madrid).

– Singing and ensemble teacher

– Songwriter and music producer

– Singing teacher at A.D.E.M.M.

– Musical director of the Big Maritim orchestra

– Singing teacher at C.I.D.E.

Víctor Prada Jiménez Yamaha Music Point Mallorca
Co-Director, guitar & bass teacher.

Víctor Prada Jiménez

Born and raised in Venezuela, actually living in Mallorca since 2004. Studied music theory and solfeggio at the Simon Bolivar music conservatory in Caracas Venezuela.

Obtained a guitarist professional degree at the Roland Learning Centre, Caracas – Venezuela (1983-1992).

– Experience as guitar teacher

– América 21 Music Academy, Maracaibo, Venezuela

– Yamaha Cemusica Academy, Maracaibo, Venezuela

– Music Academy Isicio Torrecillas, Palma de Mallorca

– Ademm, Modern Music Academy, Palma de Mallorca

– Marratxí Music band, Local School, Mallorca

– Music School Quatre42, Palma de Mallorca

Drums & combo teacher


Piano & keyboards teacher


Secretary & customer service.




We will have an open house journals on the upcoming months, anybody who wants to have their first musical experience, can have it with us, you’re invited to discover a fun music world learning with us.


If you feel like trying out, please fill the contact form, and we will contact you*.


* Kids under 6 years old must be accompanied by a parent or an adult.